• Optical Characterization

         Reflectance| Photomodulated & Electromodulated reflectance

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  • Electrical Characterization - Galvanometric Measurements

         I-V (a.c. and d.c)
         Hall Effect Measurement

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  • Magnetotransport Measurements

         Magnetotransport measurements are carried out using 18/20T and 7T superconductive magnets at temperature range between 10mK-300K.

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  • Defect Spectroscopy

         Photo-induced transient spectroscopy (PITS)

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  • Micro/Nano Fabrication - Imaging Facilities

         Dry etching: Focused Ion Beam | Electron Beam
         Wet etching (Photolithography) Facilility:
           - Mask Aligner
           - Twin Chamber Thermal Evaporator
           - Profilometer
           - 2 wet benches
         SEM /EDS - AFM
  • Clean room Facility

         10, 100 and 1000 classes in a 100m2 area
  • Cryogenic Generator Plants

         LN2 Generator
         LHe Recovery / Helium Liquefier System

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